Kastin Kitchen

Recipes and resources for people with dietary restrictions

HummusBy Jonathan KastinHummus from canned chickpeas. This recipe uses sunbutter in place of tahini to avoid sesame allergy issues, but any similar product (tahini, nut butter, peanut butter, etc) will work. The recipe also omits the garlic that is typically in hummus.
Oat bran banana breadBy Jonathan KastinDespite the banana, this bread is not too sweet, so it can be served with a savory meal like chili.
ArepasBy Jonathan KastinThese are very plain and simple arepas, good as a side dish with a meat meal. They could be done with cheese as a dairy main course.


The members of my family have a lot of dietary restrictions: allergies (nut, peanut, sesame), kosher, special diets (low-carb / keto), food intolerances (garlic, onion), as well as a number of strong preferences.

This site represents about 20 years of recipe development by a home cook, working to provide meals that are nutritious, tasty, varied, reasonably priced, and comply with all of our dietary requirements.